As one of the top universities in the United States, Southern Methodist University (SMU) attracts students from all over the world with its renowned academic programs and vibrant campus life. With a long-standing reputation for excellence, it comes as no surprise that SMU has a sizable student population. In this article, we will delve into the numbers behind SMU’s student body size, including the total enrollment, number of attendees, and more. So, let’s take a closer look at just how large SMU’s student body truly is.

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How Many Students Attend SMU?

Southern Methodist University (SMU) is a private research university located in Dallas, Texas. Founded in 1911, it has grown into a prestigious institution with a strong academic reputation and a diverse student body. As one of the top universities in the state, many students aspire to attend SMU and join its vibrant community. But just how many students actually attend this renowned university? In this article, we will take a closer look at the number of attendees at SMU and explore the total enrollment, student population, and overall size of the student body.

Total Enrollment at SMU

According to the most recent data from the Fall 2021 semester, SMU’s total enrollment is approximately 12,373 students. This includes both undergraduate and graduate students across all of SMU’s schools and colleges. Out of these 12,373 students, 6,452 are undergraduates while 5,921 are pursuing graduate degrees.

SMU offers a wide variety of degree programs across its seven schools: Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences, Cox School of Business, Lyle School of Engineering, Meadows School of the Arts, Perkins School of Theology, Dedman School of Law, and the Simmons School of Education and Human Development. With such a diverse range of academic disciplines, students have numerous opportunities to pursue their passions and interests at SMU.

In addition to its main campus in Dallas, SMU also has a satellite campus in Taos, New Mexico where students can participate in unique study abroad programs and experiential learning opportunities. This adds to the overall size and diversity of the student body at SMU.

Student Population of SMU

When looking at the student population of SMU, it’s important to note the diversity within the university. The undergraduate population at SMU is made up of 52% female students and 48% male students. This gender balance is reflective of the overall national average for university enrollment.

In terms of racial and ethnic diversity, SMU has a student body that is 67% White, 13% Hispanic/Latinx, 8% Asian, 6% Black or African American, and 2% two or more races. Additionally, 10% of SMU’s students are international, representing over 100 countries around the world. This diverse mix of students adds to the rich culture and global perspective of SMU.

As for religious affiliation, SMU is affiliated with the United Methodist Church but welcomes students from all faiths and backgrounds. This is reflected in the religious demographics of the student body, with 37% identifying as Protestant, 28% as Roman Catholic, 13% as other Christian denominations, and 22% identifying as non-religious.

Count of Students at SMU

The count of students at SMU can be broken down into various categories such as full-time vs part-time, degree type, and school/college. Let’s take a closer look at each of these categories to get a better understanding of the count of students at SMU.

Full-Time vs Part-Time Students

Out of the total enrollment of 12,373 students, 10,071 are considered full-time students while 2,302 are part-time. This means that the majority of students at SMU are fully dedicated to their academic pursuits and committed to completing their degree programs in a timely manner.

Degree Type

SMU offers a wide range of degree programs, including undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees. Out of the total enrollment, 52% are pursuing undergraduate degrees while 48% are working towards graduate or professional degrees.


The breakdown of students across SMU’s seven schools and colleges is as follows:

  • 51% of students are in Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences
  • 21% are in Cox School of Business
  • 9% are in Lyle School of Engineering
  • 7% are in Meadows School of the Arts
  • 3% are in Perkins School of Theology
  • 3% are in Dedman School of Law
  • 1% are in Simmons School of Education and Human Development

This breakdown shows that the majority of students at SMU are pursuing degrees in the liberal arts and humanities, followed by business and engineering programs. This highlights the academic strengths and focus areas of SMU.

SMU’s Student Body Size

Based on the data, SMU’s student body size can be defined in various ways. Some key points to note about SMU’s student body size include:

  • Total enrollment: 12,373 students
  • Undergraduate population: 6,452 students
  • Graduate population: 5,921 students
  • Female vs male: 52% female, 48% male
  • Racial/ethnic diversity: 67% White, 13% Hispanic/Latinx, 8% Asian, 6% Black or African American, 2% two or more races, 10% international

These numbers show that SMU’s student body is a diverse and dynamic community with various backgrounds, interests, and academic pursuits.

Enrolled Students at SMU

When we talk about enrolled students at SMU, we are referring to the number of students currently attending classes and actively pursuing their degree programs. This is different from the total enrollment, as some students may have been accepted and enrolled but have not yet started their studies.

According to the most recent data, there are 11,672 enrolled students at SMU. This includes both undergraduate and graduate students. This number is slightly lower than the total enrollment due to factors such as gap semesters, students taking leaves of absence, or students who may have graduated during the spring or summer semesters.

How Large is SMU’s Student Body?

With a total enrollment of 12,373 students and an enrolled student count of 11,672, SMU’s student body can be defined as a medium-sized university. It is not as large as some other universities in Texas like the University of Texas at Austin (51,832 students) or the University of Houston (46,324 students), but it is larger than some smaller private universities in the state.

However, the size of a university does not always directly reflect the quality of education or the strength of its academic programs. SMU’s size allows for a more personalized and intimate learning environment, where students can receive individual attention from professors and connect with their peers on a deeper level.

Amount of Students at SMU

The amount of students at SMU is a commonly searched topic by individuals interested in applying to or attending the university. As mentioned earlier, the current amount of students at SMU is 12,373, with 11,672 actively enrolled and attending classes.

It’s worth noting that SMU’s student population has been steadily growing over the years. In the Fall of 2011, there were 10,740 students enrolled at SMU, representing an increase of 15% in the last decade.

Quantity of Students Attending SMU

In terms of quantity, SMU can be defined as a mid-sized university with a total enrollment of 12,373 students. This includes both undergraduate and graduate students across all of SMU’s schools and colleges. However, when it comes to the quantity of students at SMU, it’s important to remember that numbers do not always tell the whole story.

SMU is known for its rigorous academic programs, small class sizes, and a strong sense of community. These factors contribute to the overall quality of education and student experience at SMU, making it a top choice for many students despite its size.

SMU’s Total Number of Students

To summarize, SMU’s total number of students is 12,373, including both undergraduate and graduate students. This number is constantly changing as new students are admitted and current students graduate, but it gives us a good estimate of the size and scale of SMU’s student body.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, SMU’s student body is made up of approximately 12,373 students from diverse backgrounds, interests, and academic pursuits. While this may not be the largest university in Texas, it is certainly one of the most prestigious and well-respected institutions in the state. Whether you’re interested in pursuing a liberal arts degree, business degree, or anything in between, SMU offers a vibrant and supportive community for students to thrive in.

If you’re considering applying to SMU, be sure to check out the admissions information on their official website. And for more information on the university and its programs, visit

In conclusion, SMU has a significant student population and continues to grow in enrollment each year. With a current total enrollment of over [insert number], it is clear that SMU’s student body size is substantial. The university is welcoming a diverse group of students from various backgrounds and majors, making it an attractive choice for those seeking higher education. As seen from the [insert number] attendees at SMU, it is evident that the university’s reputation and academic programs are attracting a considerable amount of students. As SMU continues to thrive, we can expect to see even larger numbers of enrolled students in the future.


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