Never Cry Wolf describes how a scientist adjusts to the wilderness in his search for wolves. Tyler, the main protagonist, learns from the movie to respect all the animals rights in the forest. Tyler is warned by a drunken bar patron to stay away from nature because he will be the only meat there. Rosie, who is a bushpilot, takes Tyler on a journey into the wild. Rosie initially doesn’t care for nature. However, she soon learns to appreciate it and finds a way to profit from the resources of the land and its people. Tyler is influenced greatly by Ootek. This Indian has a very deep and unique view of wolves. Mike, Ootek’s grandson, follows Tyler at first and understands him. But he loses his respect for nature.

Tyler was unsure of what to make of his wilderness or adventure when Rosie dropped him off at the lake. He learned to respect the environment and its inhabitants as he started his adventure. Tyler learned about nature after he met Ootek. Mike gave him a similar impression to Ootek. Tyler made it clear that he did not know where or why the people were. He had no idea what nature is and he felt he didn’t need it. Tyler discovered Rosie and two other men camping and playing football near a lake. Rosie told Tyler that he was a lucky man and had plans to develop the land. Rosie was not interested in the wildlife or the people who lived there, he was only concerned about the money he would make. Tyler was told by the drunken man at the bar that nature is not something he cares about. He said that if Tyler went outside, he would be eaten and killed by wild animals. Tyler was happy to find a friend in Mike. Mike, an English-speaking Indian, was Tyler’s translator and a friend. Mike was as respectful of nature at first as Ootek, but he eventually lost that respect. He wanted to be done with nature and leave it behind.

We have found that people are very different in their feelings about nature and wilderness. However, certain events and time can make a huge difference. Tyler went through a transformation from being uneasy to a person who has the highest respect for wolves. Rosie, who had no interest in it at all, now appreciates it for its ability to make him very wealthy. Ootek and drunk both maintained the same feelings about nature for the duration of the movie, despite being complete opposites. Mike lost all his respect for nature, animals, and people who cared about it. He eventually stopped caring and wished that he didn’t have to deal it. Each character viewed nature differently and used it in different ways. We all have different opinions and it’s difficult to determine the truth.


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