Thomas carter was the director for this 2005 Paramount Pictures drama. The movie was based on a true-life story. Richmond High School Head Basket Ball Coach Ken Karter made headlines in 1999 when he benched his undefeated basketball team because of poor academic results. Ken Carter is as dismayed as he can be by his players’ poor attitude and their poor play. He thinks of ways to improve them. He had a clear vision for his team and wanted them to be able to see the future and achieve their goals. He said in a movie to his basketball team: “Juniors Lyle, Kenyon, and Worm, you can all play basketball at the college level, it’s a realistic option for everyone, but to be able to do that, you need to show vision”. This statement tells about his vision. It also shows his attitude to his team. He also believed that his team could achieve their goals if they followed certain principles. He said that in the film “If men do this, I will guarantee we will be at the finish line”. Ken Carter’s motivational approach was an excellent motivational tool for his basketball team. The motivation he provided also motivated the team members. He felt insecure after Mr. Cruz quit the squad and wanted to return. Coach Carter accepted Cruz despite his hatred and abuse. Coach Carter was able to maintain a balance in the group’s self-esteem. Carter’s team was motivated by his motivation as they won the final tournament of their state and played in it. During the final state tournament, Carter said: “When we step down on the floor each second that clock is running, we’re pedal to medal.” Even though his team did lose the championship, he told his teammates he’s proud of their accomplishments and that they had achieved a long-elusive victory. They won five scholarships to college and 6 team members attended college as a result.

Ken Carter’s life is reflected in the Coach Carter film. His vision and motivation made him the ideal person to lead by example and to adhere to ethics. He wanted others to do the same. His basket ball team has a set of rules that must be followed. The second condition is that all members of the team must attend every class and the third requirement is to sit on the front row. He also asked his teachers to complete weekly progress reports for the boys on his basket-ball team. The movie has scenes where ethics play a major role in his life. As an example, he told the boys “If they don’t perform well in class, they won’t be playing”. In the contract, he specified that team members had to achieve certain academic standards. But nobody took him seriously. And when all the team members failed to do well in study, he shut down the gym. The dialogue says that the gym would remain closed until all members met the terms of his contract.

Ken Carter is a leader with many qualities. Because of his leadership style and qualities, he has been able to build a team and teach them teamwork while managing every difficult situation. He applied situational theory to leadership effectively. He applied the different stages of the theory like selling, delegating, telling and participating. Coach Carter used a tell-style by having each teammate sign his contract for acceptance of his rules and conditions to join his team. Carter stood next to the team, giving them instruction and receiving feedback. By doing this, he gave the team the chance to take part in decision making. The team had a tendency to be unable but willing, and he used this by letting them participate in the decision-making process. They were capable but unwilling but did not have confidence with their studies. He built a much stronger bond with the team members, showing that he cared for their success in life after highschool. I came as a teacher to boys and now you are men”. The coach’s influence has been very valuable, which allows them to be able to perform without much direction. We all struggle when one person does. We all celebrate the triumph of one person. This statement shows their commitment to eachother.


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