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29 Original and Fresh Research Paper Topics for College Students

These new media research topics will help you write your media paper. These are some great media topics for you to write about

Why are journalists expected to be familiar with all aspects of international and national news?
– What role does communication play in today’s media environment?
– Is it possible to say that the media of today is more interested in the glamorous world than they are providing real news?
– What are major issues that journalists experience while trying their best to do their jobs with honesty?
– Controlling influential people in the free operation of media, including political parties.
– How are media responsible for stereotyping females by treating them as materialistic items?
– What role does media play in the management of the covid-19 outbreak?
COVID-19: What Covid 19 says about media’s global value
COVID19. Social media can both be a blessing and curse during a coronavirus epidemic
– What role do different social media sites play in spreading the news to people? And how are they taking on the job as news anchors?
What terrorist groups are trying to restrict the freedom of media in various countries?
– The authenticity, or lack thereof, of news reports we receive from various news channels.
How media can play a major role in bringing together the common masses with high-profile authorities in a country’s affairs?
– Impact of scientific and technological developments on journalism, media.
– How does media portray the various classes and groups in a society?
– How do social taboos appear in media news?
– The role of censorboards in different countries controlling media to prevent them from saying anything that can cause social turmoil.
– Can we accept the freedom granted to media people to infinity?
– Why is it that media are used to promote important life changes?
– What is the role of public relations officers and are they far from reality?
– What factors have influenced the growth of the media over time?
– Should media and journalism be held responsible for maintaining peace and harmony in a country, based on religion?
– The journalist faces challenges in various topographical settings.
– How is the media freedom sometimes used to blackmail high-profile individuals?
– What is the impact of the media used by journalists to reach people in this current situation?
What are the consequences of electronic media’s leaping over traditional media?
– Do we agree that news channels have a lot of value in preparing us to understand the topics?
Media can help marginalized groups of society become mainstream.
– It is important to view women as individuals and not as objects on social media.
How do we see the media platforms continually rising?
– What are some of the responsibilities and roles of a media professional or journalist?
– Do we really believe that every third person in the world of social media sites has become a journalist?

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